Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer monthly payment plans up to 10 months.

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer a discount of $100 for paying in full and a discount of $100 for booking within 1 week of inquiry.

What if we cancel?

I hope this never happens, but if necessary, I offer a full refund (excluding the deposit) up until 120 days before the wedding. Once within the 120 days, I offer a 50% refund.

How many images can we expect from our engagement or wedding?

Engagements typically deliver 100-150 photos. Amount of photos delivered from weddings is dependent on the package chosen. Please reach out for more information.

Does it cost to have you travel to our wedding? How much?

I charge a flat fee for travel, depending on how far I’m traveling. This is also customizable depending on the scenario. Please reach out for more information.

Do you post everything you shoot online?

No. Any images or galleries shared via website/social media are usually curated. I typically share weddings I’ve emotionally connected to and/ or include a location simular to that of a future potential client.

Do we need a second photographer?

No. I am fully confident in documenting weddings on my own, as I have more experience that way. However I will say, it is always smart to have a second photographer, incase anything happens. It also ensures you will receive a variety more of photos.

Do your prices include tax?

Yes. I am required to pay taxes for my business so that is calculated into my pricing.