other than your vows, not much outlives your wedding day. we not only want you to remember, but to take you back to THE UNIQUE MOMENTS and relive them again. your memories are worth it AND WE WANT YOUR INVESTMENT TO BE WORTH IT TOO.


This guide was created to help you understand the “why” behind the money you’re spending on your wedding photography + hopefully give you all the information you’ll need. For many people, there’s a lot of time, planning, laughs, tears and energy that go into their wedding.

You're already investing from the moment you begin.

Whether you plan on having something small and intimate or a more eventful - it’s important to understand what your money is going towards, making sure you’re not settling for anything less than what you want and nothing more than you actually need.

My goal for you is to have all the knowledge you need from me on what I have to offer, as well as a good understanding of what matters most to you.

And if you choose to move forward, this will help us serve you better, create freely and ensures that our experience together will be smooth, and absolutely dope.


more than pretty pictures

From the moment you book, until the very last dance on your wedding day, we value your
experience throughout it all. From helping you put together your timeline to make sure we hit that juicy light, to securing moments during the day for you guys to breathe, our job is not just concerned with how you look, but with how you feel being just as important.

We believe in a transparent, personal approach with couples as we want you to be yourselves, because trust us, we plan to do the same.

Nothing (not) personal.

Wedding photography is one of the most important investments of your wedding day. The decorations, attire, food, and all the other details will exist only in memory and we are responsible for the way you re-experience those beautiful, temporary aspects of the day. This makes your wedding photography one of a few things lasting your entire lifetime. Beyond social media posts, you're choosing how you and your family will relive this day for generations to come.

Woah, no big deal.

That said, getting to know you a smidge is important since what we do is pretty personal.

Whether it’s over a glass of whiskey or we spend 30 minutes over FaceTime debating how the last episode of ’Lost’ should have ended - the point is, let's get to know each other a little.



engagement session
6 hours of coverage
1 photographer
timeline consulting
high-quality digital gallery
700 photographs mim
print release

6400 USD


engagement session
8 hours of coverage
2 photographers
timeline consulting
800 photographs mim
high-quality digital gallery
print release

8200 USD


engagement session
boudoir or bridal session
11 hours of coverage
2 photographers
timeline consulting
high-quality digital gallery
800 - 1000 photographs
print release

9600 USD


engagement session: 1200
additional hour: 500
additional shooter: 800
boudoir session: 1200
bridal session: 850
raw leather wedding album: 1200
engagement film: 850

all prices are in usD


Travel costs such as airfare and accommodation are covered by my clients in cases where such expenses are necessary. I work with flat rates to make this simple, these are added to packages.

Domestic: 800
International: 1200

*price may vary by scenario


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer monthly payment plans up to 6 months.

What if we cancel?

I hope this never happens, but if necessary, my cancelation policy is outlined in my contract sent prior to booking.

Does it cost to have you travel to our wedding? How much?

I charge flat fees for travel. This is also customizable depending on the scenario. You can find this information above.

Do you post everything you shoot online?

No. Any images or galleries shared via website/social media are usually curated for specific purposes.

Do we need a second photographer?

Point blank, no. I am fully confident in documenting weddings on my own and have had plenty of experience doing so. However, of course it is always wise to have a second photographer, incase anything happens. It also ensures you will receive a variety more of photos. If this question makes you anxious at all, you should probably have a second photographer.

Do your prices include tax?

Yes. I am required to pay taxes for my business so that is calculated into my pricing.