Korina is someone you can trust on your wedding day. She is filled with peace and helps create pockets throughout your day to slow down, look around and really embrace all that is going on around you. She instantly becomes a friend, which lead to every moment in front of a camera feeling natural (and yes, this is coming from someone who feels awkward in front of a camera) and like she wasn't there half of the time. Not to mention the beauty she catches in the midst.

- Rachel + Garrett


So here is some truth. Jon from the beginning was not thrilled to say at the least with the price of photography and was confused why we couldn’t just hire someone local. Wait, it gets even better. When we received the photos, he took back every statement and said it was worth every penny. This is something we had so many back-and-forth discussions on and within a couple of pictures, he understood why I knew you were the one for us. He said, “Excuse my language, but Korina knows how to do her f*ing job.” We keep looking looking them over and over again. Some moments I didn’t even remember from that day and others I keep looking because I have never before felt so beautiful.

- Amy + Jon


Working with Korina as our wedding photographer was as great of an experience as anyone could have imagined or hoped for. She spent the day with us, and captured the still, quiet moments as well as the big ones. When we got our photos back, we were overjoyed to see so many moments captured that we had no idea she had even noticed. We thought to ourself, "How did she get so many amazing images!?" Honestly, it was like having had 2 photographers there, but it was only her. The connection she developed during the posing of our couples portraits is a highlight of our wedding day. She developed poses and styling that were unique to us based on our intimate connection to each other as husband and wife. It all felt genuine and allowed us to really enjoy the moments spent together rather than feeling like being corralled around in the busyness of our wedding day to-do list. Since we had an elopement style day, after the ceremony, we all met together for a special dinner with our families and Korina fit right in. Whole heartedly, we are blessed to have been connected to Korina so that we knew where to look when we started our search for a photographer. Now we are forever connected to her through these amazing images we will cherish and will be a testimony to the legacy we'll leave to our children and grandchildren.

- Tyler + Kayla


Just book Korina. Trust me. I was very laid back about all things wedding planning EXCEPT my photographer. I needed someone who wasn't just going to take beautiful pictures but was going to capture the ESSENCE of the day, of my relationship, of me, etc. That is very hard to do, but somehow she did it and make it look effortless. She made us feel so incredibly comfortable and facilitated the environment that allowed us to have intimate moments that she was able to capture. She was calm, on time, and I STILL gush over the raw realness of the photos we have. Not just from my wedding, but from my bridal shoot as well. I decided to do an unconventional shoot of just me in celebration of where I am at in my life now as I'm about to become a wife. And to this day it was one of my most FAVORITE days ever. Korina doesn't just take pictures, she facilitates embodiment, connection, and comfortability, unlike anyone I've ever met. And THEN she takes beautiful pictures. Seriously. Just book her. - Jess + Max


She has been an absolute joy to partner with for a very important part of our wedding. If you’re the type of person that feels you are “not photogenic“ or terrible at pictures, Korina is here to prove you wrong! She made us feel so comfortable with our photoshoots and really allowed us to actually enjoy the moment. I have now done three photoshoots with her and I am doubtful there is anyone better! Thank you so much Korina for your gifts in photography, creativity, and beautiful soul!

- Summer + Taylor